Delivering a Syllabus for the Business Client

Hokkaido JALT Winter Conference 2019
Mat Davies (MSc,CIPD L&D)

Key message: Integrating the L&D and EFL field is not only effective but also increasingly necessary.

Barriers: How about these?

The TOEIC Test ——– General Textbooks —– Vague Performance Targets 

An L&D framework: Capability, Skill-Will Matrix & Multiple needs

1. Capability

A) Knowledge
B) Skills
C) Behaviour

2. Multiple Needs

  1. The organization
  2. The Department
  3. The Learner
Rea, A. Beavers, K. (2016)

How the Framework to a client in the Energy Sector was applied.

  1. Feedback led.
  2. Bespoke needs test.
  3. Soft Skills and intercultural skills.
  4. Student led class design through carding.
  5. Trainer workshops using an L&D framework.  

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