Presentations as a tool in business communication

The aim of this article is to explore the
practical and relevant role that presentations
offer as tools in business communication
classes. It builds on content I delivered at the
2018 BizCom SIG’s 3rd Annual Conference in
Tokyo. The Japanese business environment
and classroom-based case studies ensure that
the content is connected to the current and
emerging Japanese cultural and business
environment. There are three questions that
guide this paper. Firstly, why are presentation
skills particularly important today? To answer
this, a discussion of political, social and
business shifts that are changing the Japanese
business environment takes place. Secondly,
what are the barriers to presentation and soft
skills workshops in Japan? And the final

question considers, what methods could help
overcome the barriers to presentation
workshops? In response, this paper offers four
activities that can be used in the classroom to
create a positive team-working environment,
and identifies individual strengths.
Furthermore, six key points are identified that
one might wish to emphasise during
workshops or input sessions, such as the head,
the hands, and the heart model, and the
importance of hard and soft skills. In summary,
by tackling this subject from a culturally
sensitive and engaged angle, and following up
with appropriate activities, it is possible that
barriers within presentation skills workshops
can be overcome.

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